This is a Castle Creations Talon 25 25 Amp Brushless Aircraft/Helicopter ESC. Castle Creations is proud to introduce the newest ESC in the Talon series, the Talon 25. This compact controller can keep it’s cool even during the most extreme 3D maneuvers. Talon 25 is intended for use in most 400-size helicopter setups running up to 6S LiPo or your favorite 3D foamie that pulls up to 25 amps. Despite it's size, it boasts an impressive 8 amp peak/3 amp continuous BEC, keeping even the most draining servos at ease. Talon 25 also offers Castle’s industry-leading helicopter functions, not to mention easy programming using the Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free Castle Link included). Talon 25 tips the scales at a mere 18 grams.
Max current

Input voltage
BEC output voltage
BEC amperage
25A (rating for full throttle with 5MPH air flow over the controller
2S LiPo min., 6S LiPo max.
3A continuous, 8A peak
Weight with wires
Weight without wires
Dimensions L.W.H
17.9 g / 0.63 oz.
7.9 g / 0.28 oz.
43.7x18.2x8.1mm/1.72x0.72x0.32 in.
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