31mm LD (3.17)
Designed by ART HOBBY and Maid in USA.
Two piece spinner, very light construction is precision CNC machined from Dur-alloy material.
Art Hobby designed this spinner to have internal-offset blade mounts. When flying with motor OFF, those features allow blades to retract flat against glider fuselage reducing air drag to minimum. This is very important because most flying time in electro-glider the motor is turned OFF and blades are folded. Spinner also have two internal posts for installing small rubber bands that help to keep blades folded tight against the fuselage pod all the time during flying when motor is turned OFF.
The spinner is nice shaped to complement our electro-gliders fuselage pods and most other fuselages on the market. All around is enhancing gliders finale appearance.
The narrow and offset blade mounts are suitable for:
11.5x6 and 12.5x6 CAM carbon blades (Art Hobby)
and 7x4, 7x5, 8x4.5, 9x5, 11x8 CAM blades (Aeronaut, Graupner).

Outrunner and Inrunner motors with 3.17 mm shaft diameter.

Spinner diameter
Spinner length
Shaft diameter
31 mm
25 mm
10.5 g / 0.36 oz.
3.17 mm / 1/8"
Blade mount width
Blade pin diameter
6 mm
2 mm
31mm LD (3.17)