Flash 7 with Minima-6E

Flash-7 this latest radio delivers commanding reliability through its expanded performance features and outstanding quick response. Built-in AFHSS technology provides ultra-low latency, precise 4096 resolution and Secure Link compatibility. Store up to 20 models,
enjoy full telemetry functions and customize your flights with extensive programming options. Expand your flying experience today with the Flash 7!

General System Features:
• Built-in Generation 2 AFHSS / SLT Flexibility
• Precise 4096 Resolution
• Ultra-low Latency
• Fast 7ms Frame Rate with Maxima RXs
• Five 3-Position and Two 2-Position Switches
• 20 Model Memory
• 8 Character Model Naming
• Acro / Glider / Helicopter Programming
• Digital Push Button Power Switch
• Push Button and Jog Dial Programming Interface
• Telemetry Capabilities
• Easy-to-Read, Graphic Backlit LCD Screen

What's Included:
• Hitec Flash-7 2.4GHz Transmitter
• Hitec Mimima-6E 2.4GHz Receiver

Items Required, but Not Included:
• Servos to suit your model

Flash 7 with Minima-6E