Art Hobby is a renowned producer of a wide range of radio controlled sailplanes and electro powered sailplanes such as:
• 1 M - 1.7 M super light weight HLG, DLG, Slope
• 2 M - 3.1 M super light weight Thermal ;F3-RES, F3J
• 2 M - 3.1 M Slope, F3F
• 1 M - 4 M electric-powered sailplanes LMR, F5J, ALES
For over 33 years we are designing and producing models. Many of our models are well known winners of prestigious model competitions and championships around the world.
Most of our gliders have been tested and published in a variety of model magazines world wide.
Our main concern is: flying characteristics, quality, and originality of construction. This becomes obvious when examining components of our models. Our gliders wings are made of foam cores covered with thin black poplar veneer and they are quite unique and can be characterized by:
• Light weight
• Smoothness of the surface
• Robustness and tensile strength