Programming your servos has never been easier… or so affordable. The HFP-30 Digital Servo Field Programmer and Tester. With its lightweight, streamlined case is a must have for all hobbyists looking to program Hitec's HS-5XX and HS-7XXX series of servos. The easyto-read LCD screen and both manual and automatic testing capabilities make this programmer the best ever.
Digital Servo Programming Features (for Hitec Digital Servos)
For BLDC / D-Series servos:
- Servo Speed
- Direction of Rotation
- Dead Band Width
- Fail Safe & Position Program (Neutral / Left / Right)
For HS-7000 Series G2 Servos:
- Overload Protection
- Resolution Mode Select
For HS-5000 Digital Micro Servos:
- Overload Protection

Servo Tester Features
(for Any Brand of Servos)
- Manual and Automatic Test
- Receiver Pulse Width