The HIGH ASPECT represents original and very modern construction is a statement years of experience in designing and active competition. An ultra clean, low drag design, super light weight for all up flying, makes it a ultimate thermal ship! High Aspect wing is equipped with internally hinged Ailerons and Flaps - this feature not only reduce building time but also makes the wing stronger.The fuselage pod and vertical stabilizer are made from pre-painted, molded, composite materials (epoxy/glass-carbon-fiber). The fuselage features removable nose cone for easy access to radio gear, and provides extra protection for delicate electronics.Its strong tapered tail boom is made of carbon-glass-fiber composite. Wings, horizontal stabilizer and rudder are precision cut from special density white polystyrene foam. The black poplar veneer is bonded to the foam with aircraft industry grade epoxy in high pressure mold for perfect airfoil fidelity and warp-free wing. Our original 3-segments wing design is very strong, convenient, and cuts the building time to a minimum Reinforced wings for superb strength have carbon-fiber/balsa spars wrapped in fiberglass. The horizontal stabilizer and rudder are finish sanded, and the elevator is pre-hinged. The removable horizontal stabilizer and 3-segment wing allows storage and transport flexibility.
Kit contains: model, plans, step by step instructions, and all necessary hardware.

Wing span
Glider weight
Wing area
Wing airfoil
3100 mm / 122.4 in.
~1575 mm / 62 in.
860 g / 31.1 oz.
53.6 dm2 / 830.8

Optima-6/7, RDS8000, similar
HS-5070MH, HS-85MBB, HS-85MG
HS-5070MH, HS-85MG, HS-5085MG
HS-65HB, HS-65MG, HS-5065MG
1200-2200 mAh NiMh or 2S LiPo
High Aspect 3.1M
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